Meet The Team

We're great at agile web development, and skilled in Ruby on Rails and other web technologies.

Being proficient in Project Management, and also highly experienced on website operation. (We had done a huge project that bring a website's daily page view from ten-thousands to millions.)

We can help you set up accurate schedules and budget, and bring your website to the next level.

  • Xdite-c

    Yi-Ting Cheng (xdite)CEO / Founder

    Rails ninja, enjoy playing Sim3 to experience different life.

  • Domon-k

    Chun-wei Kuo (Domon) Senior Developer

  • Zhusee-c

    Ten-hao Chang (zhusee)Design / Developer

  • Frank-l

    Frank LiuProject Manager

  • Wayne-c

    Wayne ChuDeveloper